Songwriter Course     

The Songwriter Course revolves largely around the development of your own song ideas into a commercial framework.

Suitable for musicians and non-musicians alike, we ask you to bring your musical ideas, whether you simply have lyrics, a tune in your head, a style or a complete melody, harmony and lyrics. The more you bring to the session, the further we can get more quickly.

All sessions culminate in the production of a CD with your music idea recorded into a commercial song format.

Some songwriters do not wish to sing their own tracks, however we do try to encourage this, because, put simply, even if you are not an experienced singer, we can correct whatever errors you make, and the singing is an important part of the day, from a development point of view.

The Songwriting Course is possibly the most magical of our days because, quite simply the end products, with the combined help of artist, arranger and producer, are always so impressive, and there is so much fun to be had from your own creations.

If you want to buy a Songwriter Voucher, you can just buy an ordinary experience voucher. The minimum time for a Songwriter Day is 5 hours because of the amount we have to get through, and this costs just under £200. As you will be told by our reviews and our former customers (who you are welcome to contact), it's worth every penny!

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"We just wanted to write and thank-you for an absolutely amazing day. Not only did we get the satisfaction of turning a vague idea into a great song (in our opinion !) on the day, but we relive it every day as our kids love nothing better than singing "Write Love" at the top of their voices - as the neighbour complaints prove !!!

Thanks again for a really enjoyable and educational day. We will certainly be back to do it all again. What I would pass on to prospective customers is...just go for it. We can't imagine you being disappointed at all with the end result. Trust the process and Phil and Jane's experience and talent and go with the flow !!!!!
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Music Producer Course

In a similar way, the Music Production Course can take you in a variety of directions, ranging from a taster day where you find out what is possible, to a full of production development day for someone already familiar with software and production technique

During the Music Producer Course you work with our recording producer to build a track or tracks based on your own ideas. Your session will result in the production od a commercial quality CD.

You may already have a home studio and be well into this sort of thing or you may be a total novice. Depending on your requirements you will work with the latest version of Cubase, an array of instruments, the studio hardware of course, and the expert knowledge of someone who has been producing original music for thirty years, but still maintains a keen interest in all current genres.

The Music Production Course often includes elements of the Songwriter Day, and can be equally creative.

If you want to buy a Music Production Voucher, you can just buy an ordinary experience voucher. You can buy three hour, which is just a taster day, a four hour, five hour and ten hour voucher, although it's a good idea to air your project with our engineer before making a choice. The standard booking is five hours, in order to develop a good in depth understanding. If you require more hours at the end, these can be booked at £40 per hour by prior arrangement.
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