Singing to Backings     

Whether as an individual or as a group, the singing to backings experience is a real opportunity to let your hair down and find out what you can do. You then take home a commercial quality CD of your tracks.


In a singing to backings experience, you can either choose your backings in advance or bring your own backings with you.

If you know the tracks you'll be singing, practise as much as possible before attending the studio so that you can maximise what you can record. Our record number of tracks laid down is 18 tracks in 5 hours, by a professional cabaret singer. More usually, 5 hours will allow you to sing 5-8 tracks. In three hours you could plan to record 3-4 and in 4 hours maybe 4-7.

It's a good idea to have a few extra up your sleeve in case one or another doesn't work out, or you go faster than you expected.

During your singing session, you'll learn about microphone technique, how to project and hold back your vocals, harmonising if you wish, and a variety of other techniques to improve your vocal output.

Tuning software is also available at the studio for editing and also vocal enhancement, along with a variety of vocal effects which we bring into play at appropriate moments.

Singing to backings sessions are great fun, and very enjoyable, and we find everyone relaxes very early on in the session. We have also found a number of new talents through these sessions who we have recommended for actual recording projects. This is a distinct advantage of carrying out your singing experiences at a commercial studio.

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"Fantastic day spent at this Recording Studio with Phil and Jane. It was my first time in a recording studio and it was an amazing experience which I would definitely recommend to others.  I have no doubt I will be back again to record more music with this amazing company.  Lewis, Worcestershire.

The Original Recording Experience

Singing to backings is the original recording studio experience idea. With commercial backings available to sing to, you have the framework to focus entirely on your vocals. Recording staff at the studio have several decades of experience in recording male and female vocals to a high standard, and in working with both amateur and professional singers to get the best out of their voices in a friendly and encouraging environment.

We provide not only first class recording microphones and techniqques, buta whole bank of software to add effects to your vocals in a professional style, and to edit the final sound into the track effectively.

Combining a very laid-back approach with a purposeful session, you will be amazed at the end product, which we regard as a flagship for the skills of our recording staff

Starting quietly in a very supportive atmosphere to build your confidence, the day graduates into a huge adrenalin rush once you adapt to the flow of recording and editing, and many people simply want to go on and on.....


Video Option

You can also make a video of one of the tracks you sing and have it edited professionally. Please enquire to see an example of a studio video.

See our video page.